How to Use Blunteffects® Products

  • Spray Air-Fresheners (1 oz., 2 oz., Odor Eliminators):

Our sprays are 100% Concentrated so less is more! For best results and safe use, spray product in air and make sure to spray away from fabric, material, or any surface. If using this product in a vehicle, please use with caution. Spray in a downward angle, towards the floorboards (under floor mats). Do not use near leather, vinyl, plastic, or any other sensitive surface. 

  • Incense (Small & Jumbo):

To ignite Blunteffects® Incense Sticks properly, ensure that you are holding the thinner wood of the incense stick and lighting the thicker part. Ignite the thicker end with a lighter for safe use. Make sure to hold incense stick away from body and hair while it is lit. Wait for 30 seconds after igniting and carefully blow out the flame. Place burning incense in holder. Never leave burning incense unattended! 

  • Hanging Diffusers:

Remove product from packaging. Unscrew wood cap & remove plastic stopper. Place reed stick(s) in the bottle. Hang in desired location & enjoy the fragrance! Use 1 stick for small spaces or less fragrance, use 2 sticks for bigger spaces or more fragrance. Diffuser may last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on location, use and environment.  

  • Body Oils:

Unscrew cap & apply perfume directly onto pulse points. Use caution while using as oil can cause stain on garments, fabrics & other sensitive material. Perfumed body oils are for external use only. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes & skin. 

  • Burning Oils:

For a higher concentration- Pour Blunteffects® burning oil into an aroma burner. Place a tea light candle if needed. If your burner is electric, plug it in and enjoy!

For a lighter concentration- Pour desired quantity of Blunteffects® burning oil and add a carrier oil such as almond, coconut or mineral oil. Place a tea light candle if needed. If your burner is electric, plug it in and enjoy! 

  • Cloth Bag Air-Fresheners:

Remove bag from plastic packaging. Tie rope to desired area and enjoy the aroma! To restore freshness, simply place bag in the sun. Review in state laws before hanging in the car mirror. This product is a time sensitive product therefore place product in desired location promptly after opening. 

Please use caution when using our products since they are potent. Directions are mentioned for your reference. Read warning label for more information. All of our products are bottled and scented in the USA.