Terms & Conditions: Policies

Noorani Trading Inc. (NTI) Distributor Policy (the “Policy”) applies to all distributors of Noorani Trading Inc., Blunteffects® & Blunt & Mild™ Products. The Policy is effective immediately. By purchasing Products from Noorani Trading Inc. to Authorized Reseller customers, you (“Distributor”) agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.      

Distributor’s Obligations: Distributor shall not sell, ship, invoice, or promote the Products sold by Noorani Trading Inc. below the cost price (Noorani’s selling price).

Distributor is authorized to market for sale and/or sell the Products to Authorized Reseller customers on websites owned or operated by Distributor, provided however, that such websites (i) disclose the Distributor’s full legal name, mailing address, email address, and telephone contact; and (ii) do not give the appearance that they are operated by Noorani Trading Inc or Blunteffects®.  

Distributor shall not register or use any domain name that contains any NTI trademark, nor any misspelling of any NTI trademark.  NTI reserves the right to terminate, at any time and in its sole discretion, Distributor’s authorization to sell the Products on such websites.  Upon receiving notice of such termination, you must cease all marketing and sales of the Products on such websites immediately.  Distributor shall not market for sale or sell the Products on any other website, including any online marketplace website such as Amazon or eBay, without the prior written consent of NTI.   

Payment Policy: Payment is due as soon as the order is placed. No terms. All sales are final. If an item is defective by the manufacturer, NTI will take full responsibility of replacing the item. No monetary refunds. If an order is shipped to the customer as a courtesy, the customer is responsible for payment immediately after receiving the merchandise or returning the unwanted items. If payment is not made, legal actions will be taken. Customer will be responsible for all outstanding balances as well as legal action fees. Once the account is into collections, we are not responsible for handling the account.

- NSF Fees: $50.00 will be applied to any bounced checks or any returned ACH payments.

Shipment Policy: Noorani offers free shipping on full pallet orders (1 product per pallet). Half pallets will not be shipped at Noorani's expense. Free shipping is only offered for 48 domestic states in the U.S. Customers are welcome to schedule their own pickup. For international orders, Noorani is not responsible for custom fees, duties, etc. We will gladly ship full pallet orders to the nearest dock/port in the 48 states.

Distributor shall inspect the Products upon receipt and during storage for damage, defect, evidence of tampering, or other non-conformance.  Distributor must also confirm that product seals have not been broken. It is the Distributor’s responsibility to notate any shortage or damage on the Bill of Lading. No claims will be processed without proper notations. Verbal claims are not accepted. Please refuse the shipment if you see any visible damage upon receiving your shipment.

Distributor shall NOT authorize additional shipping services (ex. Inside delivery) without informing NTI prior. In the event, Distributor requires additional services, he/she will be responsible for the charges. Noorani Trading Inc. will not be responsible for any additional accessorial charges that are not listed on the BOL. If the receiver requires additional services that are not noted at the time of the purchase, they will be invoiced separately. It is the receiver’s responsibility to review the Proof of Delivery before sign at Delivery. (EX. If the POD has “liftgate” marked but you used a forklift to unload the shipment – please write that the driver did not use the liftgate”)

o It is also the receiver’s responsibility to examine the freight for damages, if there is damaged product the receiver must make note of the damages on the Proof of Delivery or refuse the shipment.

-Claims will be credited only when the shipping carrier approves the claim. 

* “Inside Delivery” should NEVER be checked on the POD – if you can’t unload your shipment please notify us at the initial time of purchase. * Storage facilities, Schools, Farms, and Facilities without a dock door- MUST BE DOCK HIGH there will be a limited access fee of $79.00. * Lift gates used at the time of unloading - $99.00 * Redelivery charges will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If any defect is identified, Distributor must not offer the Product for sale and must report the defect to NTI at info@nooranitradinginc.com.

Storage Policy: Distributor shall store the Products in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, and dampness, and in accordance with any additional storage guidelines specified by NTI.

Distributor shall sell the Products in their original packaging, with all seals intact.  Relabeling, repackaging (including the separation of bundled products or the bundling of products), and other alterations to the Products is prohibited.  Distributor is prohibited from tampering with, defacing, or otherwise altering serial numbers, batch or lot codes, UPC codes, or other identifying information on Products or packaging.  Removing, translating, or modifying the contents of any label or literature on or accompanying the Products is also prohibited.

Distributor shall cooperate with NTI in any recall of the Products or other consumer safety information dissemination effort.

Distributor shall convey policy updates and other information to its Authorized Reseller customers upon request by NTI.




Customer Service: Distributor’s sales personnel must be trained to accurately describe, demonstrate, and sell each Product kept in Distributor’s inventory.  Distributor must represent the Products in a professional manner and refrain from any conduct is or could be detrimental to the reputation of NTI.  

 Compliance with Applicable Laws: Distributor shall comply with any and all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies related to the advertising, sale, and marketing of the Products.  

Intellectual Property: NTI owns all proprietary rights in and to the NTI brand, name, logo, trademarks, service marks, trade dress, patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property (the “NTI Trademarks”).  Distributor is granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use the NTI Trademarks solely for purposes of marketing and selling the Products as set forth herein, and this license shall cease immediately upon termination of your Authorized Distributor status.  NTI may review, approve, and/or reject, in its sole discretion, Distributor’s use of the NTI Trademarks at any time.  All goodwill arising from Distributor’s use of the NTI Trademarks shall inure solely to the benefit of NTI.  

Wholesale Account Types: NTI offers basic and master distributor account types. Master distribution accounts are by invite only. Distributor must meet requirements to participate each calendar year. Any requirement not met will lead to termination of master distributor account and all discounts.

Termination: If Distributor violates any provision of this Policy, NTI may terminate Distributor’s status as an Authorized Distributor of the Products.  Upon termination, Distributor shall immediately cease representing itself as an authorized distributor of NTI Products and shall cease all use of anything that may give the impression that Distributor is an authorized distributor of NTI Products or has any affiliation whatsoever with NTI. Non-active accounts expire within 6 months from activation date. To re-activate, distributor must re-apply.

Refunds: All sales are final. No refunds, No exchanges. We do provide credit for items that were damaged in transit if claim is approved by carrier. See Shipping Policy (2.) for details.

Modification: NTI reserves the right to update, amend, or modify this Policy at any time.  Unless otherwise provided, such amendments will take effect immediately and Distributor’s continued use, advertising, offering for sale, or sale of the Products, use of the NTI Trademarks, or use of any other information or materials provided by NTI to Distributor will be deemed Distributor’s acceptance of the amendments. 

Each distributor is required to comply with the distribution agreement which can be found by clicking here.