Shipping Fees

Noorani Trading Inc. provides free shipping on full pallet orders (1 product:1 pallet) however if any additional services are required (mentioned below) additional fees will be added. Mixed pallets do not qualify for free shipping. Customers can also request to schedule their own pick-ups (LTL Only) to avoid any shipping service fees.


Residential Fees:

A residential delivery fee is an additional service offered by the freight carrier for any and all shipments that are picking up or delivering to a residence. As LTL shipping uses dry vans and larger trucks, sometimes it can be difficult to maneuver residential streets. The freight company has a fee for this service if it is needed. 

  • Fee: $400.00

Lift-Gate Fees:

Because most LTL shipments are loaded and unloaded on docks, a lift-gate will be needed for ALL residential pickups and deliveries and ALL locations without a dock high door. The carrier will need this information before making the pickup/delivery because not all trucks have lift-gates on them. A special truck will need to be dispatched to accommodate the residential streets as well as lift-gates, so it’s important to have this information on the BOL before pickup or delivery is attempted. 

  • Fee: $79.00

Limited Access or Storage Location Fees:

A limited access fee is added when your freight requires an extra service or time to deliver. Oftentimes, this type of location will require a smaller truck for delivery or pickup due to limited space. Locations such as retail stores, gas stations and storage units are considered limited access.

  • Fee: $99.00

    Inside Delivery Fees:

    A common misconception with residential LTL shipping is that the freight carrier is a moving company or deliver like local delivery companies, and will come into your location and drop off your shipment. This is absolutely false. LTL freight carriers are NOT white glove movers. Because of liability issues, LTL carriers and their drivers cannot enter a residence  or location under any circumstances. However, if a fee is paid, the freight carrier will come inside your location and drop off the shipment.

    • Fee: $150.00